Common Mistakes When Emailing A Resume

Many people are now bypassing the usual methods for sending in their resumes when they are on a job hunt. Instead of driving around all day dropping of resumes or spending a small fortune on postage to send them via snail mail, they are opting for emailing their resume in. While this can be a huge time saver, if they do not know how to appropriately send the emails, the email is probably going to be deleted without ever being looked at. When you know what mistakes not to make when sending emails, you can go a long way towards getting that new job that you want.

Writing the Subject Line

– Before you even create your email, you need to have a subject line that makes sense to the interviewer. One of the most common mistakes that are made is sending an email that either does not have a subject line or sending one that has a subject line that is very vague. Think about how you feel about the emails that come into your inbox. Do you open ones that seem dodgy? Know imagine that your company is hiring and you are the person who is receiving the emails. First, you are getting tons of emails, second, how likely are you going to open any emails that have no subject or a subject line that does not make sense? When writing the email, use the name of the position that you are applying for as well as the resume in the subject and your email is not going to be deleted.

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Attaching the Resume

– With all the horrible viruses out there, many companies are not going to open emails that contain attachments. One virus can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. Those who attach their resumes are making a mistake because their email is not going to be opened. You may think that they would reply or send you an email requesting your resume in the body of the email, but they do not have the time or inclination to do this. So your email is simply going to be deleted. Instead, copy and paste your resume into the body of the email to be sure it is going to be viewed. Many email services allow for formatting so you are not going to lose it when you copy and paste.

If you remember these two common mistakes when sending your resume via email, you are going to have a better chance of your resume being read. You are not going to get the position if your email is deleted. You can send it and think it is being viewed while waiting for the call for an interview that is never going to come. If you have an appropriate subject line and you include your email in the body of the text, you at least know someone is going to view it. More than likely, you are going to receive an email response stating that your resume was received. Then you can wait for the call for the interview.

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