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As a result of constantly changing technological advances and a desire among companies to consistently update and improve their capabilities, a career as a computer engineer is one with many employment opportunities, high salaries and attractive benefits, and an excellent job outlook with many opportunities for advancement. In order to prove to potential employers that you are a valuable and attractive candidate for the computer engineer job for which you are applying, you should be sure to include a few basic elements when creating your computer engineer resume.


The education section of your computer engineer resume is a very important element, and is an area on which you should spend significant time. There are many careers that do not require specific education or degrees for employees to hold, as they can gain the necessary knowledge and skills on the job. However, in order to be hired as a computer engineer, you will have to have a background and degree in a particular field of study in order to be a qualified candidate. As a result, you must provide this information on your resume in a very clear and concise manner.

The education section of your computer engineer resume should always begin with the most prestigious degree listed at the top, such as a Master’s or Doctorate level degree. Include the college or university from which it was received, the dates you attended the school, and any honors you received (whether a specific award or graduating with honors in general). If you had a particular concentration within your degree program, you should clearly indicate this also. Continue to list all degrees that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. If you obtained any minors while in school, or took elective courses to supplement your general engineering education, make sure you include this information in the education section as well.

You should also include any relevant knowledge, such as proficiency in programming languages like C++, Java Script, HTML, and Visual Basic. This type of education will enhance your overall application for a job as a computer engineer.

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Work Experience

The work experience section of your computer engineer resume is the area from which employers will obtain knowledge about your previous work history such as the types of companies for which you have worked and the responsibilities and duties you had while employed. Begin this part of the resume with your most recent work experience at the top, and include all relevant positions in reverse chronological order.

There is a fair amount of competition for a position as a computer engineer; therefore, a well-developed resume will be a crucial element in securing one of these jobs. It is essential for you to remember to include your educational background and work experience on your resume. If you are unsure of the most effective way to format this document, there are many good computer engineer resume samples available online to help you figure out where to start.

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