Computer Experience Resume Writing Tips

Finding a job working with computers is relatively easy if you start your job search being properly prepared. The most important tool in your search for a computer-related job is going to be your computer experience resume. You should take the time to create a great resume that really highlights your computer skills, education, and abilities in a way that makes potential employers interested in considering you for the positions you are applying for.

Professional Work Experience

Since you are writing a computer experience resume it is incredibly important to include any professional work experience that has prepared you for the position that you are applying for. Examples of work experience that you can mention in this section of your resume include positions such as Computer Programmer, Coder, Software Tester, Computer Engineer, Software Analyzers, and any number of other positions that deal with computers. You should write a short description of the kinds of work you were responsible for in each of the positions that you have worked in during your career.

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There are a lot of different ways individuals can gain computer-related knowledge. Most positions that deal with computers will require the individual to have a college degree. Examples of degrees that you could include in this section are Computer Programming Degrees, Computer Science Degrees, and Computer Engineering Degrees. Each of these different education paths provide the individuals that earned the degree with a lot of computer-related knowledge and should be featured prominently in your computer experience resume.

Technical Skills / Computer-related Knowledge

There is an extensive amount of technical skills and other computer-related knowledge that individuals can amass during their working careers and education. Each job is different and will require any number of these different skills and abilities. It is important to include a list of your skills and knowledge in this section of your computer experience resume. Your list can include information such as operating systems you are familiar with, for example Windows, Mac and Linux. It would also be good to detail industry or job specific software programs or applications like. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, AutoCAD and Oracle, as well as programming languages including C++, Visual Basic, Java and JavaScript.

Areas of Expertise

This section of your computer experience resume should elaborate on the other information you have included up to this point. You should use this section to communicate to potential employers why you are better suited for the position than other candidates. For this section you should list your areas of expertise in short descriptive sentences in bullet point format. Examples of points you can include are sentences such as ’20 years of experience trouble-shooting software programs,’ and ‘over 300 hours contracting analytical services for top performing companies.’

Make sure that the only information included in the resume that is relevant to the position being applied for. Also, if unsure of how to format the resume, there are samples online for computer experience resumes or templates to provide a visual idea of how a resume should look once it is finished.

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