Creating a Suzie Student Teen Resume

You’re in school, but thinking about getting a job. This is admirable. The earlier you start making your own money, the sooner you will develop visions about the direction you want to take your life in.

It’s time to put together a Suzie Student teen resume. Suzie Student is a term used to describe a resume submitted by a high school student. While hiring managers understand that a 16 year old is not going to have a history to put on a resume, the document has to be a representation of the best you have to offer.

Here are a few things to take into account when putting together a Suzie Student teen resume.

Why Do You Need a Suzie Student Teen Resume Anyway?

As you have no work experience, some might question why they need a resume in the first place.

First off, you are going to be using resumes throughout your professional life. It is one of the most important steps in job hunting and career management. It’s never too early to learn how to properly put one together. Second, a resume shows hiring managers you are serious about finding employment. The Suzie Student teen resume shows you are a serious, ambitious candidate, and highlights responsibility, intelligence, and talent. It gives hiring managers a picture that separates you from the candidates that just fill out the application.

What You Want to Put on Paper

Create a list of areas where you excel. Start with school. Are you good at math? That could make you an excellent candidate to operate a cash register. Can you type and use a computer? These are skills useful in any work environment. Talk to your parents and teachers as their experiences in the job market can provide valuable knowledge for outlining your talents.

Look at tasks you’ve done around the community, at school or the church. Do you babysit, mow lawns, raise money for charity? If you’re in the scouts or a club, you already demonstrate an ability to work with others to achieve goals. These are all accomplishments hiring managers want to know about.

Do some research about the job you’re looking at. It’s always helpful when you need to put together a Suzie Student teen resume. And when you’re ready, go to LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. It will guide you through every step, and makes creating that resume a simpler process.

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