Creating Personal Mission Statements

Imagine what would happen if the pilot of the next flight you took decided to guess his way to your destination. He had never been there before and he wasn’t quite sure how to get there, but he figured he can just make things up when he gets into the cockpit. This is not an approach that fills you with confidence. Yet, whenever you go out on a job hunt or look to grow your career without a personal mission statement, you are just like that pilot who is going to guess his way to Omaha.

According to Quintessential Careers, a job hunter’s personal mission statement offers guidance during the search process and keeps the focus on the right industries and companies. A personal mission statement is a declaration of purpose, and it also indicates the steps the job hunter plans on taking to fulfill that purpose and find the right job.

Identify The Themes Common To Your Successes

A big part of crafting your personal mission statement is identifying your past successes and finding those traits that tie those successes together. For example, you may find that your ability to develop creative solutions to problems is what helped you to succeed in past business and personal endeavors. Make a note of those success themes and use that as part of your personal mission statement.

How Do You Interact With Others?

Stephen Covey is a highly regarded expert on personal success and the writer of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” and he indicates that a big part of our personal mission statement revolves around how we interact with others. In order to develop a career mission statement, it is critically important that we clarify our role as part of a group, and the approach we take when working with others.

How Do You Make A Difference?

How do you intend to make a difference in your own life, the lives of those around you and the company you work for? What do you have to offer that will create value for yourself and others? It sounds pretty deep, but it can be an extremely gratifying revelation when you start to piece it together and build it into your mission statement.

Mapping Out Short And Long-Term Goals

Your personal mission statement needs to have an end game, and that end game is made up of your short and long-term professional goals. If you feel that your personal goals play a part in your career, then include them as well.

A Sample Personal Mission Statement

The structure of a personal mission statement would look something like this: To pursue a rewarding career in civil engineering creating structures and services people need. To maintain a high moral standard, to work by the guidelines set down by the engineering profession and to attain fulfilling career milestones.

Unlike the pilot on the flight to Omaha, you now have a map you can use to guide you to career success. You can use resources such as the Resume Builder on LiveCareer to give you the real tools you need to bring your personal mission statement to life.

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