Daycare Termination Letter

The people who watch over your kids when you’re not there care almost as much about them as you do. When you need to terminate their services, you should mail a daycare termination letter to the facility. Daycare termination letters inform the facility that you no longer require their services and that your children will no longer be going there. Many facilities have restrictions regarding how you can terminate your services and what you must do. Most of those centers require some type of formal daycare termination letter.

Why Send a Daycare Termination Letter? It’s important that you send a daycare termination letter before the center charges you for an extra day, week, or month. If you do not get the necessary information to the center prior to the start of the next billing cycle, workers may charge you extra. You also risk facing additional fees for not sending in a daycare termination letter. Use the daycare termination letter as a way to explain your reasons for leaving the center and to end things on a positive note. You never know when your next center may contact that facility for information later.

Following the Right Daycare Termination Letter Format

Before you write a daycare termination letter, you need to check out some samples and get an idea for the format to follow. Like most letters, the daycare termination letter should start with your name and contact information and the name and contact information of the daycare center at the top. Give an exact reason for taking your kids out of the center in the opening paragraph and include the last date your kids will attend. Other information you may want to put in your daycare termination letter include:

  • your phone number and/or email address
  • a thank you to workers for caring for your kids
  • the names of your children
  • the ages of your children
  • any special details regarding your kids’ last day

Inform Your Center with a Daycare Termination Letter You may need to write a daycare termination letter because you will move to a new city or state, your kids will enter school soon, you need to switch to a closer center, or a loved one will now care for them. This letter acts as a thank you for the hard work employees of the center did. Look over our daycare termination letter sample for an example of what you should write.

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