Don’t Ask Your Employer These Questions In An Interview

The big day has come, and you are ready for your interview. You feel like you are prepared to answer any question sent your way, but you are not quite sure what questions to ask the interviewer. If you don’t ask your employer questions, then it will look like you did not prepare very well for your interview. The key is to understand what are good question topics to cover and to know what aren’t.

Can you tell me how much this job pays?

One piece of advice every interview candidate should heed is that you don’t ask your employer how much the job pays at the interview. This is information you will be given when the employer feels it is time to be revealed, but you can really get ahead of yourself if you start asking about income numbers at the interview and that is not good.

What is the work schedule?

Depending on what type of job you are interviewing for, this could be something you don’t ask your employer if you want the job. Employers want to hire people who are interested in doing the job right and getting their work done by a prescribed deadline. If it feels like all you want to do is punch in every morning and punch out at the end of the day, then you may have just talked yourself out of a job.

Can you tell me a little more about the company?

This is a question you don’t ask your employer at the interview because you can almost see the red flags going up in the interviewer’s mind when you blurt out this gem of a question. It is your responsibility to learn about the company before you come to the interview and asking for basic information will only show that you did not care enough to do the research. If you don’t care about the company, then why should the company care about you?

When would I start?

The reason you don’t ask your employer this question at the interview is because it assumes that you have the job. When you start getting this presumptuous, then it could make you look bad. The employer will tell you when the job starts, so just be patient.It is always best if you don’t ask your employer specific questions about topics such as pay, benefits, and working conditions at your first or second interview. As you feel you are getting closer to getting the job, then you can start to ask specifics. But it is important to learn what you don’t ask your employer at the job interview if you want to have a good chance at getting the job.As you put your job hunting materials together, be sure to use the LiveCareer resume builder to create a professional representation of your qualifications.

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