Enjoy First Year Success After Getting the Job

The first year of any job is a period of transition. It will set the tone for how management, supervisors, clients, customers, vendors, and contacts will view and treat you for years to come. Without the right attitude and perseverance, your likelihood of succeeding is not as great as it could be.

Here are a few things to take into account if you want to enjoy first year success after getting the job.

  • You want to build effective, long-lasting relationships in the first months on the job. Everyone from clients to the guys on the loading dock will decide how you will be treated in the long term by your professional and personal demeanor. No one’s saying change who you are, we’re saying be aware of how your interactions will be remembered.
  • Coming to understand your organization’s culture will go a long way to knowing where you stand in the hierarchy.
  • For first year success after getting the job, mastering and managing your tasks will go a long way to developing good impressions. Be ready to lend a helping hand, but get your own tasks done on time and accurately.
  • Learn to follow. Employers love leaders, but they respect employees that know when to follow. Paying attention, learning, and supporting are admirable skills for first year success after getting the job.
  • While we may jump up and down about the new job, very few of us are still in the air three months later. No job is perfect. You may feel you’re not getting your due, with your ideas left to fall to the wayside. Avoid cynicism and give yourself the full year to acclimate.

  • Minimizing your exposure to negative influences will definitely encourage first year success after getting the job. There are forces you cannot avoid on the job, but you are not obligated to expose yourself to them constantly. Control the amount of time you find yourself in uncomfortable circumstances.

Unless things are absolutely unbearable, no job should be given less than a year of your time. This attitude also helps when it’s time to find something else. Candidates that jump haphazardly between companies do not impress hiring managers.

What also helps is Resume Builder. With this simple-to-use tool, you are going to create a resume that lets hiring managers think long and hard about your candidacy.

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