Experienced Resume

An experienced resume is the most effective marketing tool you have in your arsenal for finding employment. It is going to convince hiring managers to schedule an interview and ultimately lead to getting the job.

Getting Started with an Experienced Resume

When crafting an experienced resume, what you want to establish first is the target of the resume. This is why it’s recommended you fine tune each resume submission to the job and industry. Mass submitting the same resume shows a lack of attention to job specifics and no hiring manager will appreciate that. Read the job description and see how you can tailor your resume to it. This will add value to your resume, show you are detail oriented, and will impress not just hiring managers but will make your experienced resume more friendly to the databases companies are using to review documents.

Paying Attention is Critical

You know the industry and you know your job, but do you know what hiring managers are looking for?

Most candidates simply list bullets that reveal what they did during former employment. An experienced resume should be flush with information that relates to the opportunity you’re considering.

This is the original text from a resume.

Sales Representative

T&K Corp.

New Cityland, CA

2008 – Present

  • Supervised established client accounts – contacted clients regularly to establish effective working relationships; maintained relationships with the company’s customers.

Here is the same text tailored to fit an actual LiveCareer posting, retrofitting the text to use critical keywords and phrasing from the job description.

Sales Executive

T&K Corp.

New Cityland, CA

2008 – Present

  • Manage international client accounts, handling issues, promoting products and services.
  • Maintain successful working relationships with company’s customers through frequent contact using range of communication channels.

An experienced resume will smartly demonstrate that the candidate not only can produce, but highlights how the candidate can produce for the targeted employer. This can only be done if you pay attention to what hiring managers are asking for.

Keep your experienced resume clean. Do not add anything to your resume that makes you look good. Only what makes you look good for that job. An excellent way to craft an experienced resume is through Resume Builder, LiveCareer’s top and easy to use resource for designing impressive credentials.

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