Get Your Accounting Resume Noticed

Article Description: Learn the tips and techniques used by industry experts for a top-notch accounting resume.

An employer’s first impression of you is often based on your resume or cover letter. An accounting resume that is too bland will not get you noticed. A resume that has too few, too many, or fabricated details can turn off employers from the outset. Use the best format for an accounting resume to turn heads and score the interview of your dreams.

The Best Format for an Accounting Resume

Accounting resumes represent the necessary first step when applying for any accounting job. Look over some accounting resume examples for a good idea of how yours should appear. Don’t be afraid to make subtle changes so your resume stands out.

What to Include on Your Accounting Resume

1. Accounting Skills Obviously, you need to display your accounting skills. Don’t assume that your job title speaks for itself. List all duties associated with your previous accounting jobs as they relate to the one for which you are applying. 2. Non-accounting Skills Some skills that aren’t typically considered to be financial in nature can give you the edge above your competitors. Do you have a background in customer service? Have you worked in a supervisory or managerial capacity? These abilities could come in handy if they match the skills associated with the job you’re applying for. 3. Technical Know-how Even in the computer age in which kindergarten students know how to Google, you need to list your technical expertise. Mentioning accounting programs you’ve worked with, computer software knowledge you have, and even a few extras will let your potential employer know that you’ll be ready to start on day one. 4. Hobbies and Interests Believe it or not, employers can be very interested in your interests. This shows your personality, which can then show the potential employer if you would be a good fit for the organization.

What to Avoid on Your Accounting Resume

1. Too Many Details Arguably, the person reviewing your resume will know the ins and outs of accounting. You don’t need to pad your resume by providing a dictionary-level definition of every duty you have ever carried out. 2. Technical Errors One spelling error in a resume can be a death sentence. Poor grammar and misplaced commas are also big no-nos. Avoid them by proofreading your resume again and again and again. 3. The Wrong Kind of Social Media Most employers will research potential employees online. Save them some time by linking them to one of your professional social media accounts, but not one that consists of a montage of your last trip to the dance clubs of Ibiza. While you’re at it, go ahead and make those party pictures private so they don’t get into the wrong hands by accident.

Start Your Accounting Resume Now

Your work history and education is meaningless with a poorly designed resume. Someone who is less qualified can easily get an interview just by putting a few extra minutes into their resume. Do you want to see your resume in the hands of a superior or in the recycling bin? Use the resume builder from LiveCareer for a quick resume that looks professional, polished, and perfect.

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