Handling the Salary Counter Proposal

You should avoid talking about salary for as long as you can while navigating the interview process. If you find yourself in a corner, offer to send hiring managers a salary negotiation letter.

Regardless of expectations, job offers may still come with a salary that you find unacceptable. At this point, you can continue negotiations with a salary counter proposal.

Like the salary negotiation letter, the salary counter proposal states why you deserve a specific compensation. Only now you must use your best persuasion skills to change the employer’s mind.

Introduction of the Salary Counter Proposal

Start by thanking the employer for offering you the position. Write about how much you appreciate the opportunity and look forward to forming a relationship with everyone at the company. Note that you have reviewed the formal job offer and briefly outline their proposal: salary, benefits, bonuses, vacation, etc.

Second Paragraph of the Salary Counter Proposal

Open the second paragraph with the purpose of the letter. Explain how the proposed salary is lower than what you expected. Remind them of your original salary proposal. Use research to boost the salary counter proposal: what others in the industry and region are making for the same position; your work history and experience; the successes you’ve had with projects at other employers. Use hard numbers such as how much money your department saved or earned due to your direct involvement.

Finishing the Salary Counter Proposal

Repeat how excited you are about the opportunity. Tell the employer you hope the salary matter can be resolved quickly so that you can get started as soon as possible. Give them a date to formally respond to the salary counter proposal. Conclude on a positive note: I will be happy to answer any questions about this matter you have, so do not hesitate to contact me. I thank you in advance for your patience and consideration, and look forward to working with all of you at [COMPANY].

The Ball’s in Your Court Now

The employer may reject your salary counter proposal. At this time, you need to decide if you are still willing to take the job. But remember, losing in the salary negotiation can lead to frustration and unhappiness with an employer.

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