How to Add References to a Resume

When you apply for jobs today, you need to make sure that your resume stands out among others the company receives. Adding references to your resume can help you stand out, especially as many people no longer list references on a resume. As most employers require that you submit a resume of one page or less, you need to maximize the amount of available space and highlight the skills and experience you have that applies to the job. If you have any remaining space available, you may want to draw attention to the fact that you can supply your references after receiving an interview.

When Do You Add References to a Resume? Adding references to a resume today is something that you will do when you have important people willing to speak on your behalf. This may include the founder of a major corporation, the CEO of a well-known company, or the owner of a large business. Keep in mind that hiring managers and human resources directors will generally only look at the first page of your resume. If adding references to the resume takes you to a second page, leave off those names. You can always list a small notation at the bottom that you can provide references when needed.

How to Add References to a Resume You may decide that you want to add references to your resume, or a job posting may require that you add two or more references to a resume. Keep things simple when adding those details. You generally need to list:

  • the individual’s full name
  • his or her job title within the company
  • an accurate phone number with extension
  • the address of the company with the individual’s office number listed
  • an email address

If the job posting does not require any information regarding your references, you do not need to list any references. Let the employer know that you can send an email with your references later.

Adding References to Your Resume

Adding references to your resume is something you can do when you have more space available on your resume. Include two or more jobs you had in the recent past, and use the available space to include details regarding your experience and the skills you learned while working. Make your resume really shine regardless of whether you add references with our online resume builder.

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