How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

Walking into an interview can make your knees shake and your hands sweat, but nothing strikes fear into the hearts of interviewees like the “tell me about yourself” interview question. While talking for hours about yourself with friends or new acquaintances may come easy, finding the right descriptive words in an interview while still coming off as professional can be tricky. However, with the right preparation and focus, you can easily win over a potential employer without looking overly self-centered.

Emphasize Qualities From Your Resume

A question that opens the door to talk about yourself also opens a window to tell a potential employer about how your personal qualities can benefit their company. Choose a few key points in your resume and weave them into your answer. This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about how many kids you have or what you do in your free time, just find ways to link information about yourself to the qualities your employer is looking for.

Keep Information About Yourself Short and Succinct

Saying too much during an interview answer is almost as bad as not saying anything at all. When asked to talk about yourself, keep your answers as short as possible while still providing enough information to satisfy the interviewer. This task is easier said than done, especially when dealing with nerves. Conquer your nerves by preparing a few different answers to the question in advance. If you have a history of rambling, consider memorizing each answer to help keep them short and organized during the interview.

Play to Your Audience

You’ve spent countless hours trying to find the perfect job, so use the research to your advantage. Every place of employment has a different personality and setting. Avoid cookie-cutter answers and instead cater your responses to the interviewer. For example, if the office feels serious and everyone’s dressed in their best business attire, focus largely on professional personal qualities. If the office feels more casual, emphasize more social qualities that fit into the relaxed environment while still sounding professional.Now that you know an employer may ask you the “tell me about yourself†question, you’ll have a leg up in any interview by simply preparing ahead. Even better, combine your preparation with a well-written resume using LiveCareer’s resume builder and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of being offered the perfect job for your career goals.

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