How to Properly Prepare for a Recruiter Interview

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do during a recruiter interview. Yet, interviewers state that candidates tend to make the same mistakes over and over, from a lack of knowledge about the company to showing up smelling of cigarette smoke.

Here are common mistakes candidates consistently make at recruiter interviews and some ways to avoid them so that your candidacy shines.

Research, Research, Research

Recruiters agree the biggest irritation they have is candidates not knowing anything about the company. One recruiter says, “I ask do you know what we do here and they say no.” Another states, “They asks what we do as if they’re sparking intelligent conversation.” What the candidate is actually telling the recruiter is I just showed up because I need a job. In the age of the Internet, there’s no reason to not know about the company or field you’re looking into.

There are job postings that have almost no specific information about a company, especially in newspapers. At those times, it’s acceptable to ask, but clarify why you don’t know.

Show Up Neat and Professional

Recruiters talk of candidates who show up in clothes that are too sexy, tight, or revealing. Candidates have a smoke before coming in, not realizing the lingering smell comes with them. Worse, recruiters smell alcohol on your breath, despite attempts to hide it with gum or mints.

Treat the recruiter interview like it’s the most important thing you have to do that day, not something you simply have to do. Present yourself at your professional best in every way.

Keep a Cool Demeanor

While recruiters have no problem with a candidate’s enthusiasm, avoid going overboard.

You want to create a well-rounded persona that leaves recruiters thinking you’re level-headed and ready for anything. One recruiter recalls a candidate that rambled on and on about one aspect of the job, but had nothing to say about others. They also recognize ignorance that can lead to not answering questions sufficiently.

To properly prepare for a recruiter interview, remain calm and always give yourself time to think before responding. Ask questions to clarify questions. Stick to the point and use personal experience in your answers.

A recruiter interview can be nerve racking, especially if you don’t know how to prepare. But between these tips and our Resume Builder, you will get through the interview and impress!

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