How to Write a Decline Interview Letter

Though some people think you should go to every job interview offer you receive, this isn’t always necessarily true. You may write a decline interview letter after receiving an offer from another company or because you decide to remain at your current job. Other reasons why employees send decline interview letters is because they discover the position pays less than they would like or because the job requires more travel than they anticipated. Regardless of why you decide to send a decline interview letter, your letter must have a professional tone to avoid burning any bridges.

The Basics of a Decline Interview Letter Whether you have years of experience in your field or just graduated from college, you can look to our decline interview letter sample for some insight into how to format a similar letter and what to include when writing one of these letters. When sending this simple letter, it’s best to do so after notifying the person who requested the interview or the human resources department telephonically. Send the decline interview letter to follow up and ensure the company understands your position.

What to Include in a Decline Interview Letter Keep in mind that you must use a professional tone when writing a decline interview letter. You want representatives from the company to understand why you turned down the interview, but you still want to end on a positive note.

This allows you to apply for jobs in the future without ruining your future chances of working for the company. Some things you may want to include in a decline interview letter may include:

  • who you contacted at the company
  • the date you made the initial contact
  • your own contact information
  • a short explanation for why you declined
  • a simple thank you at the end of the decline interview letter

Creating a Decline Interview Letter A decline interview letter serves as your last form of contact between you and the company you turned down. You must keep things positive and upbeat with a short explanation for why you want to decline the interview. If you decide to keep searching for a new job after writing a decline interview letter, visit our resume builder to update your resume.

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