How to Write a Hospitality Resume

A hospitality resume is used to get one of the thousands of jobs that can be available in this industry at any given time. Opportunities include employment at restaurants, hotels and resorts, tourist attractions, cruise ships, bars, nightclubs, pubs, and much, much more. The hospitality industry is one of the biggest in the world. When writing a hospitality resume, you have to put your best foot forward.

Define Your Goals

One interesting aspect of writing a hospitality resume is candidates tend to keep them generic as there are so many available positions to apply to. But the savvy candidate knows this is not an effective way to manage a job search. Using a vague resume where candidates seek an upwardly mobile position in a fast paced environment only leaves you wide open to having your hospitality resume dismissed outright.

Set your mind on exactly what kind of position(s) in hospitality you’re suited for. If your talent is in food handling, you should have a resume for the catering industry, another for restaurants and hotels, and yet another for cruise ships. While the resumes can contain similar information, each should clearly define why you are ideal for that sector of the industry.

Highlight Why You’re Special

The hospitality industry is looking for candidates that excel at their jobs. Entertaining, cooking, housekeeping, managing, bookkeeping, these and more can all be on the recruiter’s list. And whatever your skill set, you need to show how your contributions will improve operations in that area. The hospitality resume needs to illuminate achievements, accomplishments, outcomes, recognition, and awards, all with the intent of proving you will make a positive difference to any establishment’s bottom line.

It’s All About Customer Service

There is no industry more dedicated to the customer experience than the hospitality sector. It thrives on the candidate’s commitment to customer service. You should track the results of your scores in customer satisfaction surveys, as well as exemplary guest comments and other feedback. Use them in your resume to add impact. Make sure, regardless of duties, all the information in your hospitality resume relates to how your involvement enhanced the customer experience and the company’s reputation.

A great place for learning how to write a hospitality resume is right here at LiveCareer. We have templates, samples, FAQs, and Resume Builder, all great resources for developing the resume you need to get the job.

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