How to Write a Marketing Resume

There is no sector of the job market that knows the importance of branding like the marketing industry, and the smart marketing candidate knows that their resume is the ultimate marketing tool.

Writing a marketing resume means conveying your value and how it benefits a company. It means differentiating your brand (you) from the competition (the other candidates). And lastly, it means that, like every successful marketing campaign, your resume should generate results (getting the interview).

Create a Winning Marketing Resume

A winning marketing resume has to utilize the principles of sound marketing that will impress hiring managers and sell them on your skills, experiences, and education.

Use the resume objective or professional summary to concisely state your value, highlighting your key strengths.

Example: Fortune 300 Marketing Manager experienced in developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns across a broad range of channels, including digital and traditional broadcast communications.

The work experience section needs to emphasize the advantages your expertise brings to a company’s operations. Treat your experiences, projects, and successes like products that you’re presenting to a client. Market them, showing on paper what the industry calls “selling the sizzle.” The sizzle refers to an image where the consumer isn’t drawn to the food itself, but the sizzle of the steak or the juices on the burger. Pique the hiring manager’s interest with the sizzle.


  • Maximized record closing ratios of 75% through training sales team in quality, affordable marketing techniques.
  • Maintained market share gains of over 50%.
  • Held lead in company’s pharmaceutical sales three years running.

With bulleted accomplishments that highlight quantifiable outcomes, demonstrate the value that you can bring to a marketing team. Depending on your work history, use four or five bullets under each job you’ve held that show measurable results.

If you know how to write a marketing resume, you understand statements that begin with phrases like “responsible for” and “worked with” do not belong in a sharp marketing resume. Talk about your successful campaigns, new product launches, percentages, hard numbers, lead generation, etc. Avoid job duties like “handled customer accounts”, which do not show outcomes.

If you really want to know how to write a savvy marketing resume, take advantage of Resume Builder, a great tool for marketing a resume that will sell hiring managers on all your talents and get that interview.

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