How to Write a Resume Objective

Every great resume starts with an effective resume objective. Of course, that statement is about as meaningless as high school Shakespeare if you’re not sure how to get started. Consider the following words of wisdom as a handy guide to making a resume objective effective.

Why It Helps to Know How to Write a Resume Objective

Hiring managers sifting through hundreds of resumes for the same job are likely to get the same mindless look you had on your face while trying to figure out Hamlet’s soliloquy–unless something captures their attention and convinces them to dive a little deeper. Think of an objective as the opening sentences of a book–if you’re hooked from the start, you’ll keep reading.

What to Include in a Resume Objective

Base your objective on the position you’re seeking and your career goals to set the tone for your resume. Keep wording as clear and concise and possible. Something like “Talented and ambitious secretary with advanced office administration skills…” makes use of a few adjectives that best describe an individual’s approach to work while briefly touching on desirable skills that are likely job requirements.

Resume Objective Writing Tips

• Look at a resume objective as a social media post–it needs to get the message across to the intended reader in a way that’s clearly understood while using a limited amount of words.

• Avoid vague phrasing or grand descriptions of your ultimate career goals since employers are more concerned with what you’ll be able to do right now, not where you hope to be a decade from now.

• Proofread, edit, and review your resume for clarity to ensure that you’ve purged your resume objective of anything that’s not likely to entice the reader to find out more.

Base your resume objective on where you are within your career. For an entry-level position, for instance, it’s fine to use words like “motivated” and “driven” to show your enthusiasm for the job. If you’ve got some experience under your belt, highlighting a few notable skills or accomplishments (“well-traveled executive manager with a solid grasp of international markets”) is more likely to attract attention. Ready to take a stab at writing your own resume objective? Get going with our Resume Builder!

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