How to Write a Resume Summary

Writing a summary section is one of the most challenging parts of putting together your resume: how do you condense and communicate the most important skills and experiences you can bring to an employer in just a sentence or two? Furthermore, this section is responsible for grabbing the attention of busy hiring managers, which means you need to make it interesting along with insightful.

Here are a few tips to help you write a brilliant resume summary.

What is the Resume Summary? The resume summary is the opening section of the resume; it introduces you and presents the highlights and most important elements of your experience, skill set and competencies. The content of the summary is largely dependent on the details of the position: you can select points from your work history and abilities that most directly apply to the job description. However, it’s also a matter of making a good first impression and catching the employer’s eye. Employers have to read a lot of resumes, so if you want to separate yourself from the pack you have to create a distinctive profile from the outset!

Writing an Effective Resume Summary As you only have a few words to work with in the resume summary, the section should be concise and clear. The summary has to prepare the reader for what will come and give them the traits and qualifications that define you as an applicant. Some elements to keep in mind: •Include competencies that are relevant to the position you’re applying for, like working with certain computer programs or equipment. •Provide an area of specialization or a unique area of expertise. •Avoid intangibles and skills in the summary, and instead focus on specific professional or academic experience or accomplishments. •Minimize the usage of generic adjectives to describe yourself. Rather focus on quantifiable elements.

Taking the Next Step Figuring out how to write a resume summary and creating something that will get all the most important points across in a few sentences is difficult even if you have a clear idea of how you want to present yourself to employers. Our Resume Builder can make this process even easier and work you through the rest of the resume creation steps. Get started today!

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