How to Write a Retail Resume

The key to a successful retail resume is to highlight the traits that allow you to excel in sales and to point to results you’ve accomplished in the past to support this.

Even without having specific experience in retail there are various areas and positions that involve skills that are applicable to retail. By focusing on customer relations skills and workplace accomplishments, you can show employers you have the skill set and acumen to be successful in a retail environment..

Principles of Successful Retail Resume Writing

Retail positions involve various different duties, from conducting administrative tasks to making sales calls. Maintaining organization, researching products, and even reviewing demographics are all abilities that can be tremendously valuable in retail. Some general points to focus on in the retail resume:

  • Demonstrating people skills is vital, so any experience you have where you worked closely with customers and fulfilled customer needs is applicable.
  • If you are lacking specific retail experience then incorporate other qualifications, for instance academic coursework in areas like marketing or business.
  • Retail is as results-oriented as any industry, so when describing work experience ensure that you focus on specific results you achieved in the workplace, additions you made to working processes, or problems that you solved.
  • In the skills section, include a mix of relevant competencies (like product research) and intangible skills (like organization or dependability).
  • Relate any work experience you have back to skills relevant to retail, and leave the elements that are irrelevant.

Setting Yourself Apart with the Retail Resume

The skills and competencies involved in retail often don’t involve a huge amount of specialized knowledge or expertise, so it’s up to you to characterize your range of abilities in a manner that is unique. Each point should be expressed in the most succinct and direct way possible and should always relate to the requirements of the position and to retail in general. It’s not always clear how to do this, but with our Resume Builder you can simply plug in the information you have and generate a wide range of customized resumes that can fit all your needs. Sell yourself the right way and build a resume that will draw in and convince an employer to hire you.

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