How to Write a Vacation Leave Letter

No matter how much you love your job and your coworkers, you will eventually need to take some time off work for a family vacation or a trip away with your partner. Notifying your employer in person and with a vacation leave letter ensures that everyone knows when your vacation starts and when it ends. Though some jobs only require that you speak with your manager, sending a vacation leave letter acts as a back up for you. Writing and sending a vacation leave letter lets you ensure that everyone who needs to know will know that you’re heading off.

Why Inform Your Employers with a Vacation Leave Letter?

Informing your employer that you need time off with a vacation leave letter lets you get the time off that you need without making a bad impression. If you simply tell your manager that you need vacation time, you may come back and find that your clients and coworkers are unhappy. A vacation leave letter essentially lets you cover all your bases, and it makes sure that everyone knows about your trip. While you can leave out details about who you travel with and where you go, your vacation leave letter should include some specific information.

Vacation Leave Letter Samples Viewing a vacation leave letter sample like ours helps you see what information your employers want to see in one of these letters. In addition to including your contact information and the name of your direct supervisor, you also need to include:

  • the exact dates of your trip and the date of your return
  • any information you gave clients regarding your trip
  • coworkers you talked to who volunteered to handle your duties
  • the name of the person you initially informed of your trip before writing the vacation leave letter
  • a way for your employer to contact you with any questions about your leave

Get Time Off with a Vacation Leave Letter Writing a vacation leave letter is the best and easiest way to take off when you plan a vacation. It shows your employers that you are responsible and that you want to inform them of your plans in advance of your trip. Send your vacation leave letter several weeks or months before your trip and after alerting management to your plans. Look over our vacation leave letter sample and our resume builder to get help taking time off from work or applying for a new job.

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