How to Write Resume Objectives

Resume objectives are brief statements targeted at outlining your career direction. Used correctly, they let hiring managers see that your career goals align with their plans, which shows them that you’re the employee that they need.

Should You Use Resume Objectives?

Resume objectives differ from professional summaries. The latter is a brief review of your history in relation to a position, while the former details a plan for the future. To work effectively, they have to be tailored and written to a specific, targeted position and company.

The resume objective is perfect if you are changing careers and want to focus on the next phase of your professional life, or if you’re a job seeker fresh out of school who does not have an employment background to summarize.

Approaching the Resume Objective

To develop high-quality resume objectives, you need to clearly define your intention. With this in mind, always take note of the hiring manager’s needs. Avoid typical statements that essentially state nothing, such as the bland “Seeking professional development with position in fast-paced environment that utilizes vast skills.” Open with “Seeking position in financial services with a focus on process improvement and operational management.” When writing resume objectives, remember hiring managers go through dozens, often hundreds, of resumes for the same position. If your resume objective – and resume itself – are smart, short, and to the point, you will get their attention.

And, you are going to see this on LiveCareer again and again, but it cannot be stressed enough: tailor your resume for every position you apply to. That means a fresh objective for each one. There is no greater way to catch a hiring manager’s eye than with a document that is filled with keywords, phrases and accomplishments that align with their specific needs and qualifications.

Sample Resume Objectives

Manager with experience leading, mentoring and coaching who’s ready to increase a retail company’s profitability and reputation.

Candidate with organizational and computer skills, business intelligence, and knowledge in database programming who is looking to apply talents to a variety of office management tasks.

Trained account executive with a history of developing customer sales, creating business strategies, and implementing product launches.

Getting It Right with LiveCareer

Resume Builder is a click-through resource that helps design great resumes. It will guide you through the creation of sound resume objectives, work histories, and skill summaries guaranteed to impress.

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