Is it Better to Apply for a Job Online or In Person?

Beside the fact that you can do one in your jammies and fuzzy slippers, there are other significant differences between applying for jobs online and in person. While you’ll have to make some judgment calls yourself, the following guidelines can help you determine whether or not it’s best to make your first impression face-to-face or virtually.

Size Matters When Weighing Your Options

Think about how your application may be received if you deliver it in person. With a larger company, it’ll likely end up in a pile marked “to be scanned” before making its way to the appropriate hiring manager. With a smaller company, the receptionist or office assistant taking your application is likely to have some sway (at least as far as their first impression of you) with the powers that be who’ll decide your fate.

Letting Your Resume Do the Talking

A well-written resume can be just as effective as an in person submission. If you have a specific contact person in mind, for instance, applying online increases the odds of your resume reaching that individual. You’ll also reduce the likelihood that your resume will get misdirected or passed off to the wrong contact person.

Still Not Sure If You Should Apply for a Job Online or In Person?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding which option is best. However, the choice becomes clearer if you’re faced with any of the following situations: • Applying for jobs in cities where you’ll consider relocating to if you get the position: Online clearly makes sense here, with the understanding that a face-to-face interview will likely follow if your resume generates interest.

• Applying for an entry-level position: If it’s with a smaller, local business, the personal touch is likely to be appreciated, so drop it off in person.

• Applying for the same job with multiple employers: You’re likely trying to gauge interest by reaching out to multiple employers, so online tends to work better in situations like this; although a well-crafted cover letter can personalize each submission.

If you really can’t decide which option is best for you, why not do both? You’re going to have to submit digital documents at one point anyway, so having that info in the system ahead of time won’t hurt. Regardless of how you apply for your desired position, our resume examples can provide some useful guidance. Start browsing today!

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