Leave Letter to Manager

While you might want a leave of absence for a personal or family event, your employer might not always be so willing to give it to you. That’s why writing a leave letter to your manager is so important. Not only does a leave letter cover all the details of the leave, but it also gives you a chance to provide your employer with the reason behind your request.

Writing the Leave Letter Certain elements must be included in a leave letter in order for the letter to be adequate. First of all, state the reason for the leave. If you’re planning on taking a vacation or maternity leave or have a family emergency or bereavement leave, clearly state the purpose for the leave and include all relevant details about the leave. Make sure you tell employers where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing, and the dates that you anticipate being gone from work. Be as accurate and thorough as possible. If you’re requesting medical leave and don’t know when you’ll be back, make it clear to your employer that you won’t be back until you receive clearance from your physician.

Contact Information Make sure that you provide your employer with a way to get in contact with you while you’re away. Sometimes employers might need to consult you about something you’ve got in progress on the job, and they need a way to reach you in emergency situations. Also, include notes about any extra work or special duties that you perform that the employer and other staff members will have to get done while you’re gone.

Tips for Writing a Leave Letter

1. Perhaps the most important tip for writing a leave letter is to get straight to the point. Employers are busy and don’t want you to beat around the bush when it comes to requesting a leave of absence.

2. Set the correct tone. If you’re requesting leave that isn’t owed, be apologetic for the inconvenience and promise to make up for it in any way that you can. Alternatively, if you’re requesting leave that’s owed to you, remind your employer of the vacation days you have saved up.

3. Provide suggestions for delegating your work responsibilities while you’re away. You know what needs to be done to perform your job, so you can make delegating responsibilities easier for your employer by offering helpful suggestions.

Remember these tips, and if you want more assistance with writing a leave letter to your manager, check out our resume building tools and sample letters.

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