Leave Letters

Can you picture yourself relaxing on the beach with the faint sound of the waves gently easing onto the shore? How about spending some downtime at home during the holidays? In order to get to these much-deserved breaks from the office, you’ll need to craft an effective leave letter. As with the setup of a resume, the structure of a leave letter is formal. Use these helpful tips when writing your leave letter so you can secure that time off and make those dreams of surf, sand, and holiday cookies realities.

Should You Include a Reason In Your Leave Letter?

While it’s a given that you’ll include the date you want your leave to start and when you expect to return in your letter, it’s a judgment call when it comes to additional specifics. If you feel comfortable stating a reason for the leave beyond “personal reasons,” keep it simple (“family wedding,” “jury duty,” “summer vacation”). If you’re not sure what you should share, consult your employee handbook or talk to someone in HR.

Offer Reassurance in Your Leave Letter

Offer reassurance that everything will be covered while you’re away. If you have unfinished work, state that you’ll either complete it when you return or pass it to a co-worker to finish it for you. Reassurance can also include stating that you’ll inform your boss or immediate supervisor if things change before your scheduled leave dates or if, as may be the case with jury duty, your anticipated return date unexpectedly changes.

Wrapping Up Your Leave Letter

Similar to how you’d wrap up a cover letter, conclude your leave letter with a sincere “thank you” for the reader’s time and consideration of your request. Your signature and a standard close (“sincerely,” “regards”) to end the letter is fine. CC anybody else who you think needs to know about your absence to avoid any potential issues with people possibly affected by your leave, including colleagues and important clients.

If you want to increase the odds of getting that desired “yes” from the powers that be at work, give them a heads-up before you submit your leave letter. Finally, even though you’ll likely be returning to your position following your leave of absence, it never hurts to stay updated on the latest jobs news. View this and other LiveCareer resources today!

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