List of Forklift Operator Responsibilities

The forklift operator keeps the shipping, warehousing and receiving fields going. They can be found pretty much anywhere there’s equipment and products that need some kind of transport. This is a specialized profession and in high demand. The latter is because the industry pays well to have top talent that can handle heavy machinery in a safe and efficient manner.

Forklift Operator Responsibilities

If you’re looking for a career in the shipping industry, forklift operator may be for you. Here is a list of forklift operator responsibilities. They may not apply to all positions, but a forklift operator could find themselves performing any number of them.

  • Unload and load products using forklifts and other equipment.
  • Inspect equipment, identifying and reporting faulty systems, damage, and safety concerns to pertinent parties.
  • Transportation of products from and to distribution centers and warehouses in safe and timely manners.
  • Pack, sort, wrap, count, stack label, relocate, tie products.
  • Record weight of products.
  • Maintain accurate inventory records.
  • Load and move hazardous wastes.
  • Ensure that all company and government safety regulations and standards are in place.
  • Perform preventive maintenance, troubleshoot issues, write reports, recommend repairs, post inspections.
  • Recharge, clean, oil, refuel, material handling.
  • Keep log sheets regarding maintenance, inventory, and movement of supplies, finished products, and materials.
  • Fill out and check accuracy of orders.

The Future for Forklift Operators

The forklift operator is a sector of the manufacturing industry that requires specialized training and the ability to work in a variety of fast moving industrial spaces. If they show initiative, leadership, and strong interpersonal skill, they can be promoted to warehouse supervisors and even make it into management. There is also the possibility of being trained in larger, more complex machinery.


Forklift operator responsibilities include having a operator’s certificate from an accredited school, as well as workplace safety training. The operator may need training in the likes of handling food or hazardous materials. Many forklift operators actually start out untrained, hired as laborers and develop hands-on experience and training.

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