Management Resume

A management resume is formatted much like a typical resume, but there are additional factors that you need to keep in mind when crafting a resume for a management position. A management resume should reflect how your skills put you in a position to be a strong leader and effective supervisor. Management resumes should be performance-based ones that showcase how applicants are well-qualified and highly competitive choices. There are numerous tips you can follow to portray this in your management resume.

Use Management Keywords Show that you know what management is all about by using strong, management-related keywords throughout your resume. Add industry-related keywords that are specific to management positions, such as asset management and executive leadership, to showcase your high level of education.

Highlight Your Most Valuable Skills Of course, you’re supposed to highlight your skills in a resume, but choose two or three skills that are extremely advantageous to management positions and highlight them. For instance, critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential ones for managers to have since the brunt of the decision-making process usually rests on them. Identify your most valuable skills and illustrate how they are abilities that can make you a successful manager.

Be Direct Be direct in the job that you want. Clearly state the management position that you desire, and then tailor your resume to fit that position. This shows employers that you truly do want the position since you took the time to create a resume specific to the job you’re seeking rather than simply submitting a general resume that could be used for any job. Likewise, speak in a confident tone, but don’t be overly aggressive.

Sell Yourself Most importantly, make sure you sell yourself in your management resume. Don’t just list your accomplishments and previous job history. While these facts are important, it is also important for you to describe how those skills and accomplishments could be applicable to the management position you’re applying for instead of simply compiling a boring, bland list of your history. Selling yourself makes you more personable in employers’ minds and makes your resume seem much more like an interview that just a piece of paper.

If you need assistance with formatting your management resume, check out our resume building tools and samples that have been provided to assist you in crafting a winning resume that lands you the job of your dreams.

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