Opening Statements That Pack a Punch

Gone are the days of vague, meaningless objectives at the top of a resume. Employers are tired of reading about how you are a “team player with a desire to bring the best out of myself and my future organization.” Instead, opt for an opening statement that catches the reader’s eye and makes them want to learn more about you.

How to Write Opening Statements As a job seeker, you have probably already scoured the internet for advice on what to do to land your dream job. What you may have realized is that the first step is always your resume. What you may not have taken into consideration is that the first line of your resume is arguably the most important. That three seconds that it takes for an employer to look at your opening statement will tell them whether or not they want to continue reading.

1. Start With a Title Most HR professionals recommend a title for your opening statement. The title needs to be short and eye-grabbing. Many choose terms like objective, career objective, or professional summary. You could consider instead using the job title you seek followed by two or three sentences that sum up our resume. Look at resume samples to get a clearer idea of how ideal opening statements appear.

2. Think About Your Talents Knowing how to write opening statements for a resume always includes putting your best foot forward. What is it that makes you unique? Maybe potential employers don’t need to know about the six toes on your left foot, but they do want to see what makes you stand out as it relates to the job.

3. Consider Your Weaknesses There is no such thing as a perfect employee, but an excellent resume can make you look like one. Contemplate addressing a perceived weakness from the outset by giving it a twist. Are you changing careers? Highlight any education or skills that apply to this position. Are you a recent college grad? Make sure the future employer knows about your enthusiasm and eagerness. Did you burn a piece of toast in the company break room that sparked a chain reaction and led to the destruction of an entire building? Maybe save that for the interview.

4. Keep It Short Don’t go overboard with your objective. HR professionals recognize those who know how to write opening statements that are concise and easy to read as people who would be pleasant to work with and able to complete tasks. In most instances, overly complicated or wordy resumes are bound for the shredder.

5. Avoid Humor Unless you’re applying for a job as a comedian, you are probably better served by keeping your opening statement as professional as possible. You will occasionally meet an employer that appreciates a bit of flavor, but those people are few and far between.

Still not sure how to write opening statements? LiveCareer can help you to quickly and easily understand what it takes to get your resume noticed. All you need to do is use our resume builder and you will be well on your way to starting your new career.

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