Professionalism in an Interview

The last thing you want is to miss out on a good job due to a lack of professionalism in an interview.

It’s not unusual for a hiring manager to have made a decision about a candidate long before the end of the interview, often in the negative. Yet, the candidate leaves thinking it went well, not realizing that something they did or said ruined their chances. Your ability to project an air of authority and confidence, and speaking clearly, concisely, and professionally is the only sure way to know that when you walk out that office, you have provided no reasons for your candidacy to end up on the REJECT pile.

Be Presentable

Part of professionalism is looking presentable. That means no tees, jeans, or sneakers. If you look like you’re serious, hiring managers will look at you that way. Wear an ironed, collared shirt, or blouse, a decent pair of slacks and shoes. Cover up the tattoos, leave the backpack at home, and take off the hat. Remember, a hiring manager’s decision is based on many things. Do not give them a reason to reject you simply because they do not like your appearance.

Be on Time

Nothing is more detrimental to an interview than lateness. It’s professional to be punctual, so leave with more than enough time to arrive at the interview and wait if you get there early. If you find yourself running even five minutes late, make a phone call to alert the hiring manager immediately.

Be Respectful

Professionalism in an interview also means being mindful of the fact that you are a guest. Once you enter the hiring manager’s office, do not sit until you have been invited to. If they do not offer a seat, ask if you may sit down and where. Sit upright, speak clearly, and avoid slang. Be pleasant and open, smiling as often as the situation allows. Maintain eye contact and avoid getting over excited if a subject is brought up that you just know will make you look good.

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