Published Writer on Resume Tips

Published writer on resume tips provide you with some guidance as you create your resume. Published work can include academic papers you wrote in graduate school, articles you published online, and books you wrote and published either through a major company or as an independent writer. Published writer on resume tips can help you decide what information to include and how to go about doing so.

Published Writer on Resume Tips With the popularity of the Amazon Kindle Writer’s Program and other similar tools, almost anyone can become a writer in today’s world. While you typically do not want to include every article or journal entry you wrote in the past, you will want to include some of your past work. This is especially true if you worked as a ghostwriter and want to list yourself as a published writer on your resume. You can include some general details about the topics you wrote about without actually listing any of your published writing work on your resume.

How Can You Mention Yourself as a Published Writer on Your Resume?

There are several different ways you can list yourself as a published writer on your resume, including:

  • Placing details about your writing past in your hobbies/interests section.
  • Sending a separate list of your past work with your published writer resume.
  • Adding a “Publications” section on your resume that highlights your most recent work.
  • Including the names of various companies/individuals you wrote for on your resume or in your references.
  • Listing details regarding your work in your accomplishments section.
  • Creating a separate section on your published writer resume with the names of your work.

Adding Published Writer Details on Your Resume

Your resume is what employers look at when learning about you, and following some simple published writer on resume tips help you show the articles and books you created in the past. A published writer resume may help you find work writing for others, working as an editor at a publishing house, or in a job that requires some writing work. Create a published writer resume that highlights your best work with our online customizable resume builder.

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