Resignation Letter from Fulltime to PRN

If you’ve obtained a full-time position but later realize that you would rather have a pro re nata status, then you need to craft the appropriate resignation letter to your employer. This can be tough to do, though, because you don’t want to look ungrateful for the full-time position you’ve been offered. Fortunately, there is a professional manner in which you can resign from a full-time position in a gracious and businesslike way.

Resignation Letter from Full-time to PRN Format As with all other business documents, there is an appropriate format to use for a resignation letter like this. Begin by placing your name and contact details in a header, and then address the letter to your employer.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush Jump right in to what your letter’s about in the first sentence. Employers are busy and don’t have time for you to build up to what you have to say. Inform your employer that you wish to change from full-time to PRN status, and include the date that you would like the change to take place. Confirm when your last day working full-time will be, and be sure to thank your employer for their patience in making the change.

Give a Reason Provide a logical reasoning why it would benefit both you and the company if you transitioned from full-time to PRN status. You don’t have to go into explicit detail, but if you feel the change would allow you to care for your family more properly, then state that reason. Explain that you would like to continue to work for the company, but that you feel you would better serve them if you had more time to care for your family properly so you don’t worry about them.

Conclude and Offer Assistance Conclude your resignation letter by thanking the employer again for their time and patience. Explain how working for the company has been a positive experience and how you look forward to continuing on as PRN. Include your phone number and email address and offer assistance to make the transition easier. Finally, thank the employer for their understanding and sign your letter.

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