Responsibilities of the Production Engineer

In the world of product manufacturing, the production engineer is a critical component. These professionals operate in a range of plants and factories. Production engineer responsibilities entail using skills and experiences to ensure processes are safe, efficient, technologically sound, and capable of producing quality results.

Production engineer responsibilities can include many roles. Depending on the size of the company, production engineers may have assistants, but ultimately production engineer responsibilities fall on the single individual.


Everyone on the production line looks to the production engineer for guidance and leadership. Using management skills, the production engineer ensures employees are following protocols, meeting company standards, and functioning as a team. The production engineer is responsible for ensuring their team is properly trained, that personnel know all safety precautions, and that individuals can follow company and governing body quality assurance protocols. The production engineer also monitors processes to see that all deadlines and quotas are met.

Technological Background

Production engineer responsibilities involve the operation of equipment. They are trained in all machinery, equipment, and tools, oversee the training of their employees, and ensure that devices are used safely throughout the manufacturing process. Their expertise has to be impeccable as the production engineer has to understand cost effective means for producing products, what safety precautions need to be taken, and how to enforce the best procedures for maintaining controls of all machinery.

Problem Solvers

One of the main production engineer responsibilities is troubleshooting. At any step in the process, they can be called upon to assess an issue in the chain. Whether they turn to a professional or do it themselves, they will be expected to quickly determine where a problem in production originates – whether technical or manual – and the quickest ways to get production back on line.

Planning & Administration

Daily production engineer responsibilities can include reviewing project schedules and budgets. They will interact with upper management and department heads on a regular basis to talk about existing and planned projects. The production engineer also needs to stay updated on the latest resources that can improve productions and processes, all the while keeping track of the bottom line.

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