Sample Resignation Letter

The resignation letter is a crucial part of your exit from a company. Use it to set the tone for your last weeks on the job and to establish the relationship with your old employer from that point forward. Remember, regardless of the reason you are leaving, it makes sense to leave on good terms for a number of reasons, including the possibility of returning if a better position becomes available or if you need an all-important recommendation.

First Steps

Before submitting a resignation letter, meet with your supervisor and let them know you are leaving. Based on the relationship, feel free to provide as many details as you’re comfortable with, but avoid complaining or airing grievances. You are moving on to greener pastures. Dwelling on the negative is a waste of time.

Sample Resignation Letter

Do not feel the need to get detailed or to sugar coat. This document is for official purposes and goes to supervisors, human resources, and other relevant parties.

Our sample resignation letter starts with a basic introduction.

Dear [Supervisor], I write this letter to officially inform all parties that I am leaving my position with [COMPANY NAME] as of [DATE].

The resignation date should be at least two weeks in advance of the dated letter, unless the company’s policy requires a longer period.

The next paragraph should be a brief statement about your desire to assist during the transition. Offer to prepare any replacement, but do not offer anything you cannot or do not want to deliver.

I have the Hennesey project to complete. There are a few other tasks that will be handed off to colleagues by [SUPERVISOR], ensuring no production is disrupted. I am prepared to help make this transition seamless.

Never forget this is your last chance to make a good impression. Close out by mentioning you’ve valued your time at the company, regardless of how thrilled you are to get out.

My time here has been an opportunity to grow and learn. I know I will take these experiences and use them to great effect. I wish everyone the best in all their endeavors.


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