Samples for the Best Thank-You Letters

Thank-you letters are used to let people know their efforts on behalf of you, operations, or the company are appreciated. Whether you’re thanking a hiring manager for an interview, an employee for their hard work, or a manager for their support in getting you a promotion, the best thank-you letters contain a structure that follow business etiquette.

Here is some sound advice for writing the best thank-you letters.

Benefits of a Thank-You Letter

Being professional and efficient doesn’t negate common courtesy. A good business relationship is dependent on good manners. Thank-you letters are not only a gesture of good faith, they strengthen your reputation and allow you to be remembered in a competitive business world. And bottom line, a thank-you is an act of kindness that a person working with you may deserve.

State the Reason for the Thank-You Right Off

Spell out the reason for the thank-you letter in the opening paragraph.

“I wanted to personally thank everyone at [COMPANY] for offering me the Radiology Assistant position.” “This letter is to let the staff at [COMPANY] know that we appreciate your business and look forward to another 10 years working together.” “We wanted to let your staff know how much we appreciate all your patience and consideration with our supply chain issues as we recovered from the fire.”

Discuss the positive impact their kindness or efforts had on your operations or project.

“By convincing the client to waive international shipping fees, you have saved the department several thousands of dollars a year.” “Without your charitable efforts, we could have never launched our new program. Underprivileged children throughout the community will benefit.”

Include details as you see fit, but keep the letter brief and authoritative. Stick to a focus on the person you’re writing to and why. Do not use it to toot your own horn, such as sending a hiring manager a thank-you for an interview but taking the time to promote why you’re the candidate for the job.

Don’t Put Off Sending the Thank-You

You want to send the letter within a day or two of the event. The more time that passes between receiving the letter and the deal, event, interview, or rendered service, the less impact it will have.

LiveCareer has a library of information about creating all types of thank-you letters, as well as Resume Builder, the ultimate tool for professionally documenting your credentials.

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