Should You Include Hobbies in Your Resume?

Hobbies can say a lot about a person. Some believe they are relevant when you’re looking for work. The more a hiring manager knows about you, the more attractive you can appear as a candidate. Yet, there are those who believe hobbies are personal ventures that have no business on your resume.

So, should you include hobbies in your resume? Which Hobbies Should I Include in my Resume?

Resumes should be streamlined and tailored for the position that you hope to be considered for. Ideally, there should be no information that contradicts the idea you are perfect for that specific job. In this regard, you should only list a hobby that is professionally relevant. Your cooking blog is only relevant if you are applying to a newspaper as a food critic or to a restaurant as a chef. A job that requires artistic creativity may appreciate an interest in music or drawing.

Consider if the hobby translates into transferable skills. Coaching basketball on the weekends shows you are a leader that can organize a group to accomplish goals. Being a stamp collector may insinuate that you’re detail-oriented and thus the best candidate for bookkeeping. A traveler might be ideal for a job that requires interaction with varied cultures.

For the sake of caution, avoid anything that does not suggest a useful skill.

On the other hand…

That Million in One Shot

We know of one candidate that listed skydiving among their hobbies. It turned out the hiring manager was a skydiver. The connection led to a lively conversation, and ultimately a job offer was made. While we’re not sure the offer was made because of the hobby, mentioning skydiving was certainly a positive ice breaker. This proves there is no exact science to whether you should include hobbies in your resume.

Consider that hiring managers will ask about your hobbies during the interview. If they do not, it is because they’re not interested. That makes putting it on your resume a waste of space.

So … Should You Include Hobbies in Your Resume?

We would err on the side of caution and leave irrelevant hobbies to the wayside until you are asked about them. Your resume should target a position and the professional qualities you bring to it.

LiveCareer has resources, such as Resume Builder, that can help you determine if your resume should include hobbies. The tool guides you through the resume creation process from start to finish.

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