Sick Leave Letter

No one will ever envy you when you get so sick that you need to give your employer a sick leave letter. Even if you have multiple days of paid time off accumulated in the form of vacation time and sick days, you still need to give your employer a heads up that you won’t be around for a few days or longer. No matter how much time you need to take off, you must submit a sick leave letter that gives your employer some specific details about your unique situation.

Why Would You Need to Write a Sick Leave Letter?

Some of the more common reasons why you might need to write a sick leave letter include:

  • you have a contagious disease and cannot be around others
  • your doctor recommended that you take time off to care for yourself
  • you need to take time off to attend chemotherapy or go through other treatments
  • you injured yourself in a way that prevents you from doing your regular tasks
  • your doctor prescribed medication(s) that prevent you from working

How to Write a Sick Leave Letter The best way for you to find out how to write a sick leave letter is by example. That is why we encourage you to view our sick leave letter sample before you write your own letter. Your sick leave letter should include several paragraphs. The first paragraph is your introduction and gives you space to write about your reason for taking sick leave. Include the date your sick leave starts and the date you will come back in your letter. Include details in your sick leave letter regarding any work you hope to do during your time off. You may also want to take the time to list your doctor’s phone number or reference an included note from your doctor.

Advice on Writing a Sick Leave Letter A sick leave letter tells your employer that you are sick and need time off from work. You might want to inform the reader that you are contagious or list other reasons why you cannot perform your duties. A strong sick leave letter will also list exact dates as to when your doctor will let you go back to work and include a letter or note from your doctor. Look over our sick leave letter sample for some help after meeting with your doctor.

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