Soft Skills in Demand

Soft skills in demand are unique, general talents that enhance a candidate’s potential as a productive employee. These are skills that hiring managers look for in every candidate, regardless of industry, position, salary, location, etc.

Importance of Soft Skills in Demand

A resume should not only demonstrate one’s strongest technical capabilities, but also skills considered practical and social. If a candidate can show an ability to work collaboratively and communicate well, take critical feedback positively, manage time and projects, and more, they show hiring managers that they have the capacity to enhance and not stall production.

Many candidates lean on the hard skills that make us good accountants, salespeople, and paralegals, and they tend to forget to draw attention to soft skills when seeking a position. Though, it’s these very qualities not found on paper that make us potential star employees.

What are the Soft Skills Most Valued by Hiring Mangers?

Strong Communication Skills. Without effective communication, no operation runs smoothly. Can you present ideas, listen actively, write well, think quickly, get answers, solve problems, etc.?

Interpersonal Skills. Communication logically leads to this, the talent for working with others, accomplishing goals, and maintaining the work culture.

Technical Literacy. We are way past those days when knowing how to use a computer was a BIG benefit. In today’s job market, you’re EXPECTED to know.

Project and Time Management. Planning and organization are needed in any position. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the back washing dishes or in a corner office running the company, if you cannot handle tasks in a timely manner you are of no use to an employer.

Adaptability. The ability to quickly accept and adjust to everything from changes in office policy to technology is something hiring managers expect out of all candidates.

Research. We’re not talking about knowing how to use Google and Wikipedia. Hiring managers want candidates that know how to get answers, how to gauge situations, find solutions, and show customers how to use a product.

LiveCareer Highlights All Your Best Skills

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