The Best Resumes for Pharmaceutical Sales Careers

The pharmaceutical sales business is a competitive one. This is not surprising as it promises outstanding salaries, flexible scheduling, generous commissions and/or bonuses, often a company car, and independence.

Of course, the greater the perks, the more likely you’re looking at a profession that requires perseverance and patience. The best resumes for pharmaceutical sales careers will demonstrate that candidates understand not only the mechanics of the pharmaceutical and sales industry, but its challenges and how to overcome them.

Do you have what it takes? Keep reading and find out.

Selling Yourself

The first obstacle is going to be convincing hiring managers you have the skill for this highly competitive profession. This is a close knit industry that does most of its hiring from inside, which is why any advertised position can receive a tsunami of resumes. The savvy candidate knows that for every position there could be dozens – hundreds! – of other applicants. The best resumes for pharmaceutical sales careers are designed as effective sales tools. Your credentials absolutely have to stand out, promoting your ability to find leads, convert them, generate sales, and impact a company’s bottom line.

Getting Things Done without a Lot of Supervision

The best resumes for pharmaceutical sales careers show the candidate’s strong sense of independence. Hiring managers have to see a significant amount of information about your ability to successfully manage projects and time. Skip the dry details on responsibilities and highlight actual impact on revenue, profits, and sales. In this field, it’s unlikely you’ll have a boss monitoring your daily activity, but you will have one that wants results. If your resume doesn’t show hiring managers your ability to get things done independently, your chances of getting the interview are null and void.

Know the Industry

If you didn’t appreciate science in high school, pharmaceutical sales may not be right for you. Hiring managers should see a background in science and/or medicine that shows you can have authoritative conversations with doctors, HMOs, pharmacists, etc. And while degrees in a related field help, hiring managers will really be looking for a talent in sales and a willingness to develop an aptitude in science. The best resumes for pharmaceutical sales careers will shine in this regard.

If you really want to design the best resumes for pharmaceutical sales careers, use Resume Builder to create a document that lands the job.

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