The Job Appointment Letter

After the long process of culling through resumes, interviewing candidates, and selecting a final choice, the job appointment letter is sent out to inform the lucky recipient of the good news. The letter can come from a hiring manager, but with larger companies, it’s more likely to originate from human resources. It is an official announcement, a brief overview of what both parties need to understand about the new position, and hopefully sets the tone for a strong working relationship.

Tone of the Job Appointment Letter

While adhering to the tenets of good business writing, a job appointment letter will be friendly and welcoming. It will contain not only the good news, it will highlight any terms and conditions associated with the hiring, the date which the new employee is expected to start, and any tasks that need to be completed before starting. This last part can include coming in to fill out paperwork or returning a signed copy of the job appointment letter to confirm acceptance.

Format of the Job Appointment Letter

While no rules are set in stone, the first paragraph of the job appointment letter will be an open welcome. The second paragraph will tell the employee where and when they will first report to work, along with any details they need to know. There will be a paragraph that discusses job expectations, salary, and other information that should be fully outlined in employee materials. The last paragraph will be a final welcome alongside contact information.

What to Do After Receiving the Job Appointment Letter

Do not feel compelled to sign and return anything immediately. Review all the details in the letter with a critical eye. Make sure they align with your expectations of the position. If they do not, use the contact information in the letter to express your concerns. Plan to write a formal negotiation letter so that issues can be dealt with officially. Any agreed alterations to the terms and conditions of hire should be confirmed in writing. You need to be satisfied with any changes. You do not want to be frustrated with a new job before even your first day.

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