The Job Change Announcement Letter

Congratulations, you’re moving on to a new job. It’s time to let the rest of the community know. Use a job change announcement letter to inform colleagues, clients, networks, the industry, and the world that you’re moving on.

Why a Job Change Announcement Letter?

Chances are you deal with clients, management, customers, patients, vendors, employees, and more on a daily basis. You might get the word to most of them about the job change. Many will hear about it through the jobvine. But the professional creates a document – the job change announcement letter – that formally lets everyone learn about their accomplishment. This allows you to frame the move in the best possible light, build your brand, and to control the tenor of the transition.

Save the Announcement for the Letter

If you do want to control the situation, try to not leak the news via social media. You don’t know who’s looking at your profiles, so no announcements on Facebook or connections with new colleagues on LinkedIn for now. The Internet is an open room that anyone can go into.

Plan the Announcement

Once you have handed in your resignation letter, get the job change announcement letter out as soon as possible. To control the situation, you want to own the message.

Write the letter, putting an exciting spin on the news. Keep it formal but friendly. You may want to send multiple letters, tweaking the voice to specific recipients. Be sure to include how you’ve enjoyed your current tenure and what makes the place special – even if you can’t wait to get out of there. Briefly detail where you’re going, when you start, and a general description of responsibilities. Close out wishing everyone well and explain how you’re hoping to maintain contact.

You can snail mail the letter or use email. Either way, once sufficient time has passed, feel free to announce the new job on your non-private accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. Do all social media at the same time, so all connections are on the same page.

Preparing a job change announcement letter is only one of many things about office culture you can learn at LiveCareer. We also have Resume Builder, a tool that can play a great role in giving you a reason to write a job change announcement letter in the first place!

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