The Manager Resume

Even the most experienced and talented manager cannot totally depend on their charisma and persuasive talents to get them the best positions. The savvy manager knows they don’t even get to shake the hiring manager’s hand without a resume that stands out.

Putting Together the Best Manager Resume

When hiring managers look at your resume, they have to see a history that demonstrates strong leadership, team building and smart supervision. They need to see skills that promote your capacity to guide operations. If your manager resume cannot clearly project these attributes, there will be no interview.

Identify Your Manager-related Keywords

It’s always a smart idea to review the job description and find keywords and phrases to use in your manager resume. Tailor the language in the resume to align with what the hiring manager is asking for and also take care to use performance and industry keywords that highlight knowledge and expertise. Pack your manager resume with references to executive leadership, community engagement, corporate administration, asset management, contract negotiation, business development, etc.

Focus on Your Target

Hopefully, you’re not just throwing your resume in the air to see who catches it. You have a greater chance of finding the job you want if you decide what type of position you’re looking for in the first place. You can then tailor a resume to that industry and, in turn, tailor each resume to a position. Your attention to their details will impress hiring managers, so read the job description carefully, research the company, and edit your manager resume accordingly.

Promote Yourself Effectively

Management entails motivating employees to excel at their tasks. Your manager resume needs to convince hiring managers of your ability to do just that. Take the usually stale list of experiences and accomplishments and sell it.

No: Used advanced knowledge of team building and marketing to launch new products.

Yes: Over four year period, guided team of marketing experts in the launch of 34 new products for clients and campaigns that have been internationally recognized and been the recipient of a dozen Content Marketing Awards.

Your manager resume has to pump up a hiring manager the way you want to pump up a client sitting across the conference table. Resume Builder can help with that, using simplified tools to create a resume that gets attention every time.

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