The Most Common Resume Mistakes Made By Newbs

One of the inevitable truths about resume writing is that newbs make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are trivial, and sometimes they’re a little more disastrous.

There is a lot riding on a resume, especially the resume of a college graduate looking for that first job. While employers are not necessarily looking for pristine perfection, there are resume mistakes that newbs make which can cost them a chance at the job they want.

Spelling Errors

Spelling and grammar errors top the list as the most common resume mistakes made by first-timers. If you have a spell checker on your computer, then use it to correct spelling errors. If you are not strong in grammar, then take a few online classes to improve the flow of your resume. These are the kinds of resume mistakes that can frustrate employers and cost you the job.

Forgetting The Cover Letter

For people who remember the Tonight Show of the 1980s, your resume is Johnny Carson and the cover letter is Ed McMahon. It isn’t nearly as effective for Johnny to walk out on stage without being introduced by Ed. The same goes for your job application: Always include a comprehensive and customized cover letter with your resume to introduce it to the hiring manager and to get the hiring manager’s attention.

No Personality

Sometimes the worst resume mistakes come from the best intentions. A college graduate wants to create a resume that will gain respect, so they write up something that looks like the resumes everyone else is using. Resumes with no imagination aren’t going to get the attention of hiring managers.

This isn’t to say that you should print your resume on metallic paper and mail it by carrier pigeon. But your content should be dynamic, exciting and interesting if you want to get the manager’s attention.

The best way to create a resume that will get you the job you want and avoid the resume mistakes that plague newbs is to use the resume builder at LiveCareer. We have all of the tools you need to put together a great Johnny Carson, and even deliver a solid Ed McMahon as well.

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