Tips for Resigning from a Job

While there are plenty of reasons to leave a company, there is only one way to resign: in a dignified and respectful manner that lets you exit on a high note.

Avoid burning bridges as this can negatively impact your career. You want to have old employers on your side to make recommendations for you in the future, and you also never know when you may want to return to a company, or when you many need to work with a former colleague.

So if you need to find a professional way to leave, here are some tips for resigning from a job.

Tell Your Immediate Supervisor in Person

Many people hand in a written resignation without notice. This is a cold way to tell your employers that you’re leaving. Doing it verbally, before handing in something in writing, is far more personable and respectful. Find time to have a professional, constructive, and positive conversation that ends on a high note.

The Resignation Letter

The resignation letter should be handed in at least two weeks prior to leaving, giving the employer time to prepare. Do not feel compelled to detail why you’re leaving or your grievances. Remember, this will go into a file, recording your words forever. Keep it straightforward and simple. You’re resigning as of this date, enough said. And, it’s always appropriate, regardless of your feelings, to state that your time at the company was appreciated and productive.

Do Not Let Employers Mess with Your Timetable

One of the most important tips for resigning from a job is to keep the course. If you have given the company two weeks notice and they ask for more time after the date of your resignation, stick to your guns. You have a new job waiting and it would be unfair to put that off. Offer to be available as a paid consultant, if anything, for a brief period of time. Talk with the new employer about juggling both, ensuring them it will not interfere with your responsibilities.

These tips for resigning from a job will help you maintain a reputation as an employee that can be trusted by all parties.

Tips for Resigning from a Job are Only the Beginning

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