Unexpected Restaurant Interview Questions

Whether you walk in off the street and apply for a job in a restaurant, or you apply for an opening you found online, you can look forward to a short interview. Though you can prepare yourself in advance for questions relating to problems you faced on other jobs, difficult experiences you had with former coworkers, and your knowledge of handling food safely, you may encounter some unexpected or unusual questions too. Check out a few possible interview questions online that employers might ask you.

Types of Restaurant Interview Questions If you apply for jobs working in the kitchen, some of the restaurant interview questions asked of you will deal with different cooking methods. Employers want to know that you understand the differences between baking and broiling, boiling and sauteing, and frying in a pan versus using a deep fryer. Employers may also ask about your willingness to work long hours, whether you expect to follow a set schedule every week, or your thoughts on overtime. You may also find yourself answering questions regarding your favorite foods and questions that require you to think outside of the box.

Preparing for Unusual Interview Questions Though you might think that you cannot prepare for unusual restaurant interview questions, there are a few ways you can prepare yourself.

  • Look at questions online that employees posted after going through the interview process.
  • Ask a friend to go over those questions and ask you a few unexpected questions too.
  • Get feedback from the person asking you questions about what he or she thought of your responses.
  • Think about the questions employers asked you when you applied for jobs in the past.
  • Do a quick online search to find out what types of questions employers asked of those applying for restaurant jobs.
  • Rehearse some of your answers in front of a mirror before the interview.

Interviewing for a Restaurant Job The odds are good that when you apply for a restaurant job that the manager will ask you about your favorite foods, your thoughts on the restaurant itself, and the differences between different cooking methods. They may also ask questions designed to see how well you can think outside the box and your creative thinking or problem solving skills. It’s never too early to start preparing for your interview. Use our resume builder to get some help creating a resume that will help you stand out.

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