What is the Proper Resume Length?

When you start writing your first resume, you’ll likely want to know the appropriate or proper length for a resume. Experts generally recommend that you stick with one page and remove sections as needed to get your resume down to a single page. You can save yourself some space when you take off your references, as most employers will ask for that information later or let you send their names and contact details via email.

Why Should You Stick with One Page? The main reason the proper length of a resume is one page is because this lets hiring managers and other professionals scan the page for any pertinent details. They will often look for keywords that relate to the job, including leadership experience, computer software skills, or a sales background. Though some job seekers submit longer resumes, hiring managers will typically only look at the first page and never even glance at the second. Only include a second page if you absolutely cannot get everything onto the first page, but make sure all the relevant details relating to the job posting are on that first page.

What are the Components of a Resume? The components found on a typical resume include:

  • an objective/professional statement
  • work experience
  • education
  • accomplishments/achievements
  • contact information

Your contact information, including a valid and professional email address, physical address, and phone number goes at the very top with your objective listed below. The objective should clearly state your reasons for applying for the position and act as a shorter version of your cover letter. A resume of the proper length should also include two or more previous jobs with the name of the company, the dates you worked, and the duties you did on the job. You may also want to include your education, especially if you have a college or higher level degree, and a short list of your professional accomplishments or achievements.

Writing Your First Resume Even those who applied for jobs in the past and have years of professional experience sometimes have a difficult time writing a resume. The more effort you put into writing that resume, the more employers you might hear back from later. Get help turning a list of previous jobs and the schools you attended into a killer resume. Turn our online resume builder into a new resume that will wow employers.

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