What You Need to Know About a Medical Leave Letter from Your Doctor

A medical leave letter informs your employer you have medical needs that would interfere with work and that you will need time off. Sometimes employers may also require further documentation from a medical professional before they will grant the request. This is usually a medical leave letter from your doctor.

Why You Would Need a Medical Leave Letter from Your Doctor

Company policy may require a medical leave letter from your doctor. A medical leave letter from your doctor legitimizes your claim and also ensures there is no loss of entitled salary or benefits. Your company may need it to present to their health insurers to approve medical benefits. There are also companies with policies that ask for this documentation to grant leave that goes beyond a certain period of time.

What You Need to Do

The first step is to let your immediate supervisor know of the pending situation as soon as possible. Go in to as much detail as you’re comfortable with. You can now write your medical leave letter, to be submitted to your supervisor, who will pass it on to all pertinent parties, including human resources. You may be asked to send it directly to human resources. If you know company policy requires a medical leave letter from your doctor, immediately contact and ask their office to prepare the document. Get the letter as soon as possible because you want this process to be stress free.

What Your Doctor Needs to Do

The medical leave letter from your doctor should be printed on official letterhead from their office and signed by your primary physician or surgeon. The letter will need to repeat the details in your own medical leave letter, but the doctor can expound on the procedures, recuperation period, and any other documentation that justifies the leave.

Do not have the doctor mail the letter to your company. It’s best if you put the document in the proper hands yourself. Offer to pick it up, making sure the medical leave letter from your doctor is sealed in office stationary.

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