Avoiding scams

If you are a freelancer, or want to become one, an essential thing, you must consider is avoiding scams. Scammers in the work from home jobs are those who take benefit of you, those who don’t pay you for the job you do, or those who get of you important information such as about your banking account. Then, you can take care of this, having in mind some tips we give you here.

With such a large number of freelance job offers available on internet, also at jobs listings, the freelance scams really abound. Scams artist usually are looking for freelancers that are new, trying to prey on them. If you want your time and effort invested in making a freelance job worthwhile, then you have to take care at the time you agree to do some work. We invite you to read the following tips:

Tips for avoiding scams

Be aware of employers that ask you for samples of your work. It refers to not blindly give your work. If you are a writer, web designer, translator, etc, you can send them the URLs, where your work is already published. If they asked you for a free sample in order they prove you are suitable for the job position, there is the possibility that once you give them the work, you don’t hear any more about them. Can you imagine how many people did it? And how much work scammers obtained for free?

Avoiding freelance scams

For any reason, give away much personal information. Scammers also try to get information such as your bank account information, your social security numbers, etc. The things they can argue to get this information may be, that they need your social security number for a background check for example. They can use more than one excuse to convince you to give them this kind of information, but bear in mind that there is no reason why someone that hasn’t employ you yet, needs your social security number, or require your account number. It is recommendable they pay you through PayPal, in order to avoid a direct payment by a deposit.

Try to write all the agreements in a legally binding document. You can write your contract that has to content a clear description about your responsibilities and also about the responsibilities of the client. It can include the day of the payment.

Normally, freelancers ask for a paying of some percentage of the total in advance, so if you have take contact with a scammer probably won’t be agree to make this payment up-front, so you have other way to identify them.

You have also to beware of some scammers that ask you to do certain work and that make the payment of a percentage of the total. After you receive the money, it is possible you can’t hear about them anymore, so take in mind some important things, such as the ones we describe here.

Always check the profile of the employer. It is better to consider the job opportunities offered by employers that has a complete profile, with some reviews and that list well described job offers. If it is possible, taking contact with workers of the employer will be a good idea.

Never pay to work for an employer. Jobs have to benefit you, they aren’t to get your money, so don’t pay a fee to get jobs.

If you receive an email of a company from which you haven’t hear before, that want you to work for them, even if you don’t have experience in a certain field, and that offers you great payment, be careful, you can be contacted by a potential scammer.

To sum up, any time you find an online job offer to work from home, you need to be very careful. Avoiding scams, and identifying which are the legit job offers, and which aren’t, is something you have to know. We encourage you to take in mind the above tips and find the right and legitimate job opportunity.