Freelance jobs

Are you thinking seriously to work as a freelancer? Then, if you are starting to think on it, here we present you with some information related to it. There are some important things you have to know in order to become a freelance. Some of them are to know the resources that can help you to find job offers, and to register as a freelancer. The daily life of this kind of workers can be a little different from an employee that go to the company’s office every day, so here, we also describe the day in the life of a freelancer. Also, the legal issues are one of the most important things to know about, so we want to give you a general guideline about it. The freelance jobs imply important issues you must know, before deciding become a freelance.

If you are considering working as an independent worker at home, probably you are looking for some of the jobs related to areas we mention below. There is a wide-range of jobs that require freelancer workers, so we want to give you just an example mentioning the following:

  • Computer programming
  • Consulting
  • Data entry
  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Research
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Teaching
  • Web design
  • Writing, etc

Where can you find freelance jobs?

The following are great sites on Internet, where you can get some interesting job offers for freelancer workers, so take a look to them:

  • Ifreelance, here you need to pay for a subscription, and then join the open projects, or be contacted directly for a job.
  • freelancejobs, you can obtain a freelance job here. In order to participate in a project, you need to register first.
  • freelancer, you can also bid projects here, but you need to register on it.

The above are just some of the plenty of websites and resources you have available on Internet, so for finding more job offers, take the time and search.

How is the day on the life of freelancers?

freelance jobs

Reading, and summarizing what the day on the life of a freelancer is, we can start saying that freelancers will become their own bosses. Freelancers have to be well organized, be self motivated, and be good managers of their time, in order to do the work according to their available time, to carry out deadlines and to perform a high quality work.

Well, beginning the day, freelancers don’t have to be worry about the cloth to wear, they can wear as they want, and as they feel more comfortable to work. Also they can take breakfast at their most convenient for it. Besides, they usually do a to-do list that helps them to have cleared the tasks they have to work in each day.

Normally, the first things they do is checking their emails, browsing the twitter and checking some websites related to their job or field, in order to keep updated about the last news. After doing some work, freelancers check again their emails, because they can receive requests of clients sometimes with a percentage deposit.

If freelancers work all day, and they have different projects to work on it, they usually work some time on one, and other time in another, changing of project during the day allow them to work better.

Time to do the to-do list has come when finishing the day.

Legal issues

If you want to work as a freelance, you will have to ensure that both, you and the client carry out what both agree before starting the project. How to do it? Well you will have to write your own contract.

From a legal point of view, freelancers are considered independent contractors, not employees, so for instance you don’t have the benefits of insurance that generally workers at office get. How you are independent, you have to write your own contract as we mentioned before. Don’t worry about this; there are many samples and templates on Internet you can use to write your contract.

Among the things you have to include in your contract are the responsibilities of both you and the employer, the frame of time you have to do the work, the payment you will receive for the work, the delivery dates, the terms for cancelling the contract, so on.

Doing a contract, will assure you to protect the effort and time you put when working in a project.

It is a good idea that your lawyer can look over the contract. How we said you can write your own contract, but making sure it contains the most important issues, such as payments terms and ownerships of the work you do.

On the other hand, if you have thought in working as a freelance not for a hobby, but to invest on it much time and effort, maybe you are thinking in having a corporate name, so this way you will separate your personal life from businesses.

How you can see freelance jobs, can give you the opportunity to work according to your schedule, but there are important things you must know before become a freelancer, in order you take the most advantage of working this way.