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Have you decided to work at home and make some extra money? Well, whether you want to dedicate full time or part time to this kind of work, you have to do a good research to find legitimate job opportunities. Thus, you have to be aware of scammers that only intend to get money.

Here, we want to provide you with some tips to distinguish scams from those legitimate opportunities, and also we want to provide you with some reliable job sites, that publish legitimate job offers and that allow you to be contacted by employers who look for freelancer workers.

How to identify scammers?

Work from home jobs

Work from home, is a kind of work that is increasing today. More business and people are adopting it. Besides, people prefer to work according to their schedule, this way, for instance they can spend more time with their family and manage their time according to other activities. Then, if you have decided to work at home or as a freelancer, we recommend you to read the following tips to recognize those work from home offers that has the only purpose of getting you money:

  • Don’t consider the job offers that require of you to pay to work. Never make payments up-fronts that are required to you with the excuse of buying necessary materials, supplies, etc.
  • For any reason, give your personal and financial information up-front. A sign that it is not a legitimate work from home job opportunity is that, it asks you about your banking information.

It is important you avoid this kind of job offers, and that you know to differentiate between valid job vacancies, and those from scammers. There is plenty of fraud in this area, so you need to spend a good deal of time to research for valid jobs.

Jobs sites with work from home jobs offers

Freelance job offers

It is sure that there a large number of websites, where you can find reliable job openings to work at home. You can register on them and be considered as a worker. Some of them will take you a test in order to determine your abilities, your skills to navigate on the web, your knowledge in a particular topic, etc, so take a look at them:

Chacha. In this site, you can find answers to questions. So they are looking for internet-savvy people, who have skills to navigate on internet, who want to learn and share their knowledge and that are specialized in a specific area. Then, you can apply here, and become a Chacha guide.

eLance. They post thousands of offers. Many companies and organizations use this website to contract employers that work at home. You can create your profile, in order you get contacted for employers and you can also send your proposal for current projects.

Odesk. This is a top online workplace that allows remote hiring. It is a useful site for job seekers and businesses. They handle the payment for freelancers, so you don’t have to be worry about that.

The above sites are just an example of the plenty that are available on Internet. Most of the jobs you can find, will be related to translation, web development, web design, programming, call center services,  tech support, travel agent, tutoring, writer, editor, SEO (search engine optimization, etc) . If you make a good research, then you can find the job you are looking for.

Then, it is essential you know to identify which are the job sites that offer you legitimate job openings, and those who only want to get your money. Take in consideration the tips mentioned above, but also take as a reference the websites we have mentioned here, they are a good example of how is a serious and reliable website. If your desire is taking advantage to be a freelancer, go ahead and find the perfect job for you!