Writing a Going Back to School Resignation Letter

If you need to craft a going back to school resignation letter, it means you have chosen to take a step that is going to optimize your professional opportunities.

Once you have made the decision to further your education and potential, and you’ve decided you cannot manage the demands of an education alongside the responsibilities at the job, you should write a going back to school resignation letter. This ensures your intentions and reasons for leaving the job are not misunderstood. It shows employers and colleagues that you have integrity and that you have respect for them. Plus, after finishing school, having a strong recommendation or a place to go back to (with a degree!) is only to your benefit.

Tell Your Supervisor

Schedule a few minutes to sit down with your supervisor and let them know the good news. And do treat it like good news. Let them know you are preparing a going back to school resignation letter and when you plan to hand it in. Find out if anyone outside of human resources should get a copy.

What to Put in the Resignation Letter

A going back to school resignation letter is a business document. You want to treat it like one, so keep the tone formal and professional. Be direct and brief, and gracious and appreciative. You do not want to burn bridges, so make sure the tenor of the letter remains upbeat and positive.

Your opening paragraph will directly state you are resigning from your position with the company and the reason why, your pursuit of a degree.

The second paragraph should discuss your desire to reduce any stress your exit will have on operations. Offer to work with any replacement to get them up to speed and promise to complete any work that you can before you leave. Finish out letting them know your positive experiences were a big influence in the decision, providing you with the input to learn more so that you could do greater things. Tell them you would love to come back once you’ve earned your degree.

If you want help building a going back to school resignation letter, this is the place to be. LiveCareer has a wealth of information about resignation letters. And when you’re ready to find that new job, we also have a library of data on resumes which includes Resume Builder, a great tool for designing your credentials.

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